Barbord, ståbord, høye arbeidsbord - generelt sett alle høye bord krever en matchende høy stol. Herman Miller har tatt videre noen av sine kontorstoler og gitt dem ekstra høyde for å gi deg muligheten til å yte ekstra - også i disse situasjonene.


Setu Stool

The Setu stool encourages a variety of postures, keeping sitting and standing people eye-to-eye while supporting them with the same effortless blend of style and comfort you’d expect from Setu. Like the original Setu, it fits everyone who sits in it, making it a welcome addition everywhere it goes.


SAYL Stool

Inspired by suspension bridges – structures that deliver the most using the least material – Sayl stools extend the distinctive look of the Yves Béhar-designed Sayl chair into settings that feature high tables or counters. The elastomer strands of the stool’s 3D Intelligent back support you as you stretch and move, striking a healthy balance between support and freedom.

Mirra 2 Stool

The Mirra 2 stool brings dynamic support to any setting where seated and standing collaborators benefit from being at a common eye level.

With surfaces engineered to respond to your slightest movements and simple, intuitive adjustments to fine-tune the fit, Mirra 2 stools combine immediate comfort and personalised ergonomics in one sophisticated design.


Aeron Stool

The Aeron stool accommodates both the person and the environment. It adapts naturally to fit virtually every body, and it's 94 percent recyclable. Its Fine-Tune footring mechanism allows you to adjust the height of the footring from a seated position.